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Cool-Headz is a “Patented” product that turns your Softball fielders mask into a cooling device.

Features & best uses:

  • Non-Toxic, durable, reusable, lighter than water and does not produce condensation.
  • No dripping, No water. Just freeze and enjoy.
  • For best results swap out after every inning.
  • U.S. Patent #D840,601
Polar-Core compression shirtPOLAR-CORE for compression shirts.

Polar Core


POLAR-CORE for compression shirts. The package allows you to turn your favorite compression shirt into a cooling device. The package includes 3 sew in soft feel Blue Veltex pcs. Which allows you to prepare two compression shirts. This allows you to use the cool-catchers soft feel gel pack to rest right on the lower backside of the neck for excellent core cooling. Polar-Core is great for baseball, softball, Lacrosse, and golf. NOT for use with Football shoulder pads. “Patent Pending”

Add-on an extra gel pack use SKU: CKGEL