James Elmore and son.

The Cool-Catcher is a helmet cooling system designed to help keep your core temperature down during those hot summer games.

How Cool-Catcher Began

James Elmore designed the Cool-Catcher after years of watching his son and other catchers come into the dugout after an inning behind the plate — so tired and hot that they couldn’t even fully enjoy the game.

They tried all different types of cooling towels, which offered some relief. But the towels could only be used while in the dugout between innings. And some of those innings were short.

There must be some way to keep these kids cool while they’re actually in the game, behind the plate, James thought. So he and his son set out to create a simpler, more effective way to keep cool, and eventually, the Cool-Catcher was born.

How to Use the Cool-Catcher System

The Cool-Catcher system attaches inside the back of all hockey-style catcher’s masks with rear flexible cavity pieces. The gel packs will stay cool for about 20-25 minutes. For the best experience, keep a few in the cooler and switch them out between innings.

Who Is it for?

Cool-Catcher is permitted to be used at ASA and USSSA baseball tournaments and softball tournaments. Baseball/softball catchers from youth Little League, to high school, college and pros use and love the Cool-Catcher helmet cooling system.

What to Know About NOCSAE Certification:

NOCSAE does not have a category for add-on equipment.

Since the Cool-Catcher is considered an add-on, it is not eligible for NOCSAE certification on its own. That’s why we had a NOCSAE certified laboratory test the Cool-Catcher according to the protocols to ensure that the addition of the Cool-Catcher did not affect the helmet’s ability to pass the NOCSAE standard.

The catcher’s mask that was tested passed the requirements for re-certification. These hockey-style masks included a model from Easton and All Star.

Remember: Stay Hydrated!

The Cool-Catcher does NOT replace proper hydration of the body. Be sure to keep your players well hydrated during practice and games.

Our goal and hope is that Cool-Catcher becomes an important part of the equipment that each catcher uses whether on game day or practice. We hope you enjoy the product as much as we do.

James Elmore
President / Owner

Cool-Catcher System works seamlessly with the most famous hockey-style catcher masks.