The Cool-Catcher helmet cooling system is simple and effective. The gel pack stays cooler for longer, won't drip, and it fits snugly into all types of helmets.

Polar-Core compression shirtPOLAR-CORE for compression shirts.

Polar Core


POLAR-CORE for compression shirts. The package allows you to turn your favorite compression shirt into a cooling device. The package includes 3 sew in soft feel Blue Veltex pcs. Which allows you to prepare two compression shirts. This allows you to use the cool-catchers soft feel gel pack to rest right on the lower backside of the neck for excellent core cooling. Polar-Core is great for baseball, softball, Lacrosse, and golf. NOT for use with Football shoulder pads.

Add-on an extra gel pack use SKU: CKGEL



Cool-Headz is a “Patented” product that turns your Softball fielders mask into a cooling device.

Features & best uses:

  • Non-Toxic, durable, reusable, lighter than water and does not produce condensation.
  • No dripping, No water. Just freeze and enjoy.
  • For best results swap out after every inning.
  • U.S. Patent #D840,601
Cool-Catcher is permitted to be used at ASA and USSSA baseball tournaments and softball tournaments.

Overheating can be a serious issue when playing sports — especially for kids. To play your best — and to play it safe — it’s important to stay hydrated and keep cool.

When you use the Cool-Catcher helmet cooling system:

  • You can help regulate your body temperature on hot days and during intense exercise
  • You’ll prevent feelings of dizziness (caused by overheating)
  • There’s no water involved, which means NO DRIPPING
  • You can focus on the ball and actually enjoy the game


  • 1 star review  My daughter used it in state finals in Lancaster this weekend. 107 degrees. Didn’t even feel the coolness. Super bummed

    thumb Colby Calnan

    5 star review  This product has been a lifesaver for my 10u and 12u boy. They have caught in numerous weather conditions but their biggest complaint was always trying to stay cool on those hot and very humid central PA summer days. We started using the Cool Catcher this summer and after game I ask them how they felt....And I get the same response, they loved these and stayed very cool. I suggest every catchers who hates the heat, but some and find out for yourself. You won't be dissatisfied.

    thumb Paul Rossman

    5 star review  Definitely helped keep my son cooler while catching in the heat. Great idea and James is great to work with.

    thumb Amanda Hall
  • 5 star review  Did its job in the 95 degree NC heat!

    thumb Drew Shoaf

    5 star review  We like it very much. Keeps the boys cool on long tournament days in the Georgia heat.

    thumb Michael O'Keeffe

    5 star review  Best piece of equipment we have invested our money on... my daughter loves it

    thumb Luis Avila
  • 5 star review  My daughter loves it! We used it on a super humid 95 degree day. So thankful to have it for an upcoming trip to Gulf Shores. Thank you for making such a “cool” product!

    thumb Lisa Hill

    positive review  BEST THING EVER!!!!!! My 10U daughter loves it...said it makes a big difference in helping keep her cool

    thumb Christi Kilgore

    5 star review  Bought these and my son used them for a tournament this weekend. They were great! He played catcher all day and it kept him from getting overheated.

    thumb Beth Grant Belford
  • 5 star review  Works great for my 5 year old ! She loves being catcher and this helps her stay cool doing it !

    thumb Bud Smith

    5 star review  My son is the main catcher for his team. On very hot days he may have been able to do 2 innings. Now the coach will ask him of he is fine, and he says yes and will catch 5 innings.

    thumb Jamie Taylor

    5 star review  My daughter just received her cool Catcher in the mail she loves it and it keeps her head nice and cool

    thumb David Beal
  • 5 star review  Thank you for taking my order on a holiday and for quick shipping. I was able to freeze my packs on game day! Great customer service.

    thumb Amy Durham Riley

    5 star review  Great product with excellent customer service! Thank you!

    thumb Beth Brown Talley

    5 star review  Thank you for your Quick delivery I was hoping to have this for my daughter before this weekend for a tournament and ordered it Friday night and got it Monday morning thank you very much they look like they're going to work great

    thumb Anthony Baldwin
  • 5 star review  During an extremely hot tournament last year where my daughter got a case of heat exhaustion we started looking for options to keep her cool. We orders the Cool Catcher last winter when we could. So far it's been a great help but we're still getting into the hot season here, the customer service is truly amazing thanks for an innovative product & exellent customer service.

    thumb Josh Pieper

    5 star review  Super fast shipping. My 9u son said it was awesome!! He said it kept him cool during his ball tournament. Highly recommend!

    thumb Cheri Hazell Houston

    5 star review  This product work wonderfully -- exactly as described for cool heads in the catchers helmet. The best part is, I purchased extra ice packs, and those are the BEST!!!! We use them for EVERYTHING: great in a baseball cap while doing yard work, perfect for overused joints and muscles after a workout, and best of all, the soft gel and flat design is PERFECT for sore jaws after wisdom teeth removal. We literally use them DAILY. Great product. Highly recommend. Best of luck with your business!

    thumb Mk Edwards
  • 1 star review  Such a waste of our money!! My daughter said she couldn't even feel it on her head. Maybe the Florida heat index of 105 is too much for it.

    thumb Maureen Kallet Sides

    4 star review  My 10 yr old used cool catcher this last weekend in a tournament, he says it really helps! Mississippi 95 degrees 105 heat index! Although it seems like a good product, I was disappointed to see, it was made in China . .. Thought I was buying from a small business in Arkansas. Oh well. ..

    thumb Thomas Beard

    5 star review  This product is amazing. It really works great and and easy to use. Parents with catchers have to buys this it will keep your son or daughter from over heating on those long weekends behind the plate. And the gentlemen that owns the company is great to work with has met me twice out of inconvenience to him to get me more gel packs (because my son can't keep up with them).

    thumb Jerrod Ashmore
  • 5 star review  Cool-Catcher is great. My catchers won't take the field till they have a new cold pack in every inning.

    thumb Luis O. Gabriel III

    5 star review  Proud of all the hard work James has put into this.

    thumb Cathy Weathers

    5 star review  Share this page with all of your friends! 🙂

    thumb Amy Weathers Elmore
  • 3 star review  Facebook friends...Amy, Byers, and I have launched a small business with a great new product for baseball/softball catchers. Please take a minute to view our Cool-Catcher, LLC Facebook page with a link to our website and spread the news!

    thumb James Elmore

Cool-Catcher is permitted to be used at Babe Ruth League, ASA and USSSA baseball tournaments and softball tournaments.

My daughter wore hers while playing nationals in the Gulf Shores of Alabama. She loves having it.

Danielle White