The Cool-Catcher helmet cooling system is simple and effective. The gel pack stays cooler for longer, won't drip, and it fits snugly into all types of helmets.

Cool-Catcher is permitted to be used at ASA and USSSA baseball tournaments and softball tournaments.

Overheating can be a serious issue when playing sports — especially for kids. To play your best — and to play it safe — it’s important to stay hydrated and keep cool.

When you use the Cool-Catcher helmet cooling system:

  • You can help regulate your body temperature on hot days and during intense exercise
  • You’ll prevent feelings of dizziness (caused by overheating)
  • There’s no water involved, which means NO DRIPPING
  • You can focus on the ball and actually enjoy the game

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My daughter wore hers while playing nationals in the Gulf Shores of Alabama. She loves having it.

Danielle White